In the small town of Paulsboro, New Jersey the religion is pro-wrestling and it's temple is The Monster Factory. Over the past 30 years, pilgrims of all creeds, colors, shapes and sizes have made their way to this modest, repurposed high school gym, eager to escape the realities of their normal lives to pursue a place within a world of entertainment largely dismissed as fake. Despite what you may believe, one thing is certain - when it comes to the no bullshit, get-it-done training style of owner / head coach Danny 'Cage', you can't fake the blood, sweat, tears, and focus it takes to make dreams come true.

Staff pick, One Show, currently in development for series

Director: Tucker Bliss
Producer: William Crouse
Cinematographer: Mikey Van Beuren
Editor: Rhys Stover & Scott Perry
Assistant Editor: Jack Foster
Associate Producer: Chloe Corner
Composer & Sound Design: Zak Engel
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter, The Mill
Starring: The Monster Factory
Production Company: The Big Picture Company

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